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Improving the Installer, now with CLI support


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Chevereto Staff
Dear everybody,


Since many years already the Installer has provided an easy way to provision the software installation. It has evolved a lot with the years, anyone lucky enough used the very first version? or the second one? Hope you did, hope it made your day a little better if you used it.

If you don't know about the Installer, is a single installer.php file that allows to download, extract and install Chevereto for you.

Lots of improvements are coming to the installer and it will be available very soon. For those eager to try you can source it right now on your own.

Command line usage

When Dockerizing V3 came the need of provisioning the software but for Docker environments, the biggest update in the Installer is the CLI API which will allow you to easily perform any installer action following an easy syntax, for example:

php installer.php -a checkLicense -l licenseKeyHere

With this, you can easily provide customized experiences for your clients running Chevereto-Free/Chevereto, rather to pipe customers to Softaculous > Chevereto-Free > Upgrade you can provide a paid installation spawned in seconds, the installer will provide you the downloader and extraction steps.

It will also provide cPanel processing, database checking, automated installation, admin account provisioning, etc. This will also enable me to provide a one-click demo deployabe in minutes and pretty much any kind of shell scripting. I know that a big problem for Chevereto is how slow is to get it running and I want users to spend about 2-minutes installing, not the entire afternoon. Command line is essential to automate the process.

Container Optimized

Environment variables and stderr error logging enables a better experience when using containers, this is used to pass the database variables so when using the HTTP API you don't have to write those on your own.

Syntax Updates

I'm working towards make the Installer PHP 8 compatible, just like Chevereto V3.

Removed extra stuff

Checking for the image libraries, sessions and timezone have been removed. This is because the Installer is all about download the software, is not about the system running it. The checking of these is made on the actual V3 application anyway.

Also, not a removal but cPanel is now hidden option. Need to pass ?cPanel in the URL to be prompt with the cPanel screen.


The new Installer will be available anytime really, asap! Just need to implement some missing stuff.