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I've just lunched the website and i would love to get some tips from you all on how to get more exposure and let the world know my website ? where to start ?

The website is powered by Microsoft Azure VPS and CDN

Server specs ( Auto Scaling ) if needed it scale up automatically
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2673 v4 @ 2.30GHz
1 TB Storage
Network 1Gbit/s

Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
Also i implemented Zendesk support system for tickets and FAQ and Chat

I think for a starter this is good enough or should I increase the specs ?

I would really love some advise on how to increase the traffic and get the eyes on the website. and if you have ideas for me to add on the website also that would be amazing of you.

Thanks in advance.


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Nice, and cool stuff you got there. Zendesk is very nice, try to get a custom theme for it. It's a few freebee themes out there that will fit your website much better. Just google it ;)

And what is this? I'm allergic to this stuff from new websites.



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It was a test and i forgot to remove it :eek::D:D now this is Propellerads notification ad i was testing it and forgot to remove ( Useless don't try it) google adsense is way better, Originally it was OneSignal notification which is pretty good for push notification you can add it to your website too it will be good for announcements for example you can send message to all who allowed the notifications at the same time which is pretty good . I will replace it with the One Signal now thanks for the reminder :)

I've replaced it now you will find the little red bell in the bottom left corner which will wait untill you click it to ask you for allowing the notification not just popping the allow message
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@tomsit Thanks for your support :) and i think the notifications could be usefull for the Like and Follow features in the full version or in chevereto 4 . You get notification when someone follow or like the image. This increase the interaction on the website.