Network license
Hello, and I found you well!

I'm Radu, and I'm from Romania. I used chevereto (many years ago) free versions in the past, at the moment it has improved and I'm happy about that.

I own the site (on another script) - I hope that in the future there will be a migration option for users, image albums + urls to be able to migrate the old site on the chevereto platform.

But I also have a site on the chevereto platform, it is (it is being translated for Romania as well). I'm still trying to get acquainted with chevereto, I already have a paid license but I'm not clear if it's activated or not, because he didn't ask me to enter any license ... :) maybe someone clarifies me too

P.S: Among other things, I own a hosting company in Romania, with the possibility of offering services in several locations in Europe and the rest of the world .. :) maybe this information will help you.

All the best!