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How can i add a VPN/Proxy blocker to chevereto to stop malicious users?


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I'm getting malicious users using VPN/Proxys to post porn on the site and i need something that can use a API to block VPNs


If you use Cloudflare, then you can block this VPN/Proxy with ASN number.

You can find malicious ASN, IP block list in github then apply to Cloudflare Firewall section.


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I'm getting malicious users using VPN/Proxys to post porn on the site and i need something that can use a API to block VPNs

You can't.

Cloudflare does offer protection against VPN/Proxies but they are not foolproof. Also, cloudflare will ban you once they figure out you're hosting a CDN/Image host through them.

You can block entire IP ranges but it will not stop VPN/Proxies.

If you want to stop porn from getting through you will need to use something to scan the images and ban them. Chevereto also supports moderatecontent which scans the images for you.


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Thats pretty "easy" dude, you can block it trough the Firewall on your server, it needs some configuration, but its possible, the another question would be, is it worth?
Some docs for it:

I use on my WP websites as example this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/proxy-vpn-blocker/

Get a look on this: https://www.blocked.com/index.php

Before you begin your effort to block VPN access to your site, there are three things you need to consider.

  1. It is Very Difficult: Blocking VPNs and proxies is not as simple as it seems if you want to do it well. VPNs in particular are often well-hidden and they are constantly changing IP addresses.
  2. It Will Never be Complete: Even the best blocking system will miss some VPNs. If a major company like Hulu can’t catch all VPNs, neither can any service you implement.
  3. You Will Block Legitimate Users: Just as there are unethical reasons to use a VPN, there are practical ones too. By blocking VPNs, you block the security conscious at the same time you block spammers, meaning you will lose at least some legitimate visitors.
On your place, i would work with geoip, and allow only specific countrys to access the website.



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