Google Vision / Google Cloud moderation


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Nov 2, 2013
It's nice to see this feature is available with Chevereto.

Is anybody using Google Vision to store their images? This may be my answer to moderation..... I also notice there is an Amazon S3 version of this.

I have a question, i should really be asking Amazon and Google this, but i thought i ask here too.

With Google Vision and Amazon S3 storage they appear to have 'computing' options which 'appear' to be mandatory. If we have our own servers to do the computing do we need this additional computing from Google/Amazon? Surely we can just use their storage? Or am i mistaken? For Google/Amazon to retrieve the actual image my server is calling will most definitely require computing power on their end?

It does get very expensive if we're having to need their 'computing power' per file that is stored in their banks. Am i right?