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I am getting email from Facebook Developer about My App Was Disabled.

Only submit this form if your app was restricted for violating our Facebook Platform Policies. If you can't access your account for a different reason, please return to the Help Center to find the appropriate contact channel.

Platform Policy 8.3:

Use a clearly branded log in button that follows the guidelines in the Facebook Brand Resource Center.

Your Login button doesn't properly reference Facebook. To fix this issue, you should always use our official SDK for Login. For more information on Login best practices, check out the Login section of our developer documents HERE.


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Facebook started a very aggressive branding campaign in which they are forcing everybody to use the login buttons exactly as they want to. As an example on how aggressive this is:


The image on the left side is something that facebook doesn't like. Basically, Facebook wants a button that reads FACEBOOK:


Facebook is pushing towards rectangular buttons, meaning that we have to change our circular shape buttons that applies to all social networks just because Facebook wants rectangles. Pardon me but I think that is wrong and I don't feel good changing a design element for something that only Facebook wants. Nobody else is doing this login button branding paranoia and I don't feel great bowing to this.

I will change the login buttons only because I know that some users will start arguing that login with Facebook gets more visits, or that there are users unable to login to the system.

As a general recommendation for the whole world: Delete Facebook.
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