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I had face the Upload Error. I have check domain, contacted the web hosting, everything work fine but not sure why i could't upload photos and it say internal server error.

The web hosting had also reply with we have managed to get the same error with your end where else we're not able to get the exact error on what it the error triggered despite the debug log has been adjusted to level 3.

Below are the actions we have taken:-

1. Upgrade the PHP version to PHP 7.3
2. Tail Apache error log but there are no any errors.
3. Tail the error log on the installation directory and no errors as well other than Warnings.
4. Repaired the DB per suggested on Chevereto support forum.

It would be best if you can raise the issue onto their support as per URL -, where you're still welcome to revert back to us, should there is any server/hosting settings amendment.

Hope able to get support on this and resolve the problem.


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Unfortunately, this ticket has more than seven days without a reply or feedback from the original poster. We will now consider this ticket abandoned and its now closed.

Don't hesitate to create a new ticket if this matter is still causing you issues.

Ticket closed.
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