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V3 Beta tester
Hello everyone!

For past 8+ years, I have been taking vacation to Dominican Republic and believe it or not, I loved it there and I have over 1k photos including my friends all over the world that has about 40k photos so the big question, how we can share all of these under one roof? I came to this idea last week and was doing search for a best gallery script. I never knew about Chevereto. Seriously, it's the da bomb. Simple. No BS.

Yes, I started this project 2 days ago and still loving it! The story gets better ....

I downloaded and ordered a 512MB cloud at DigitalOcean to test it out, my god. So amazing. Then I've been playing around and will keep doing that. You guys have amazing support and great developer. No question. Keep the great work. I am on free version to test the waters and I will upgrade to paid version shortly to support you guys!

Then I decided to upgrade to the 16GB Cloud that has 8 CPU, 320GB SSD with 6TB of bandwidth. Works like breeze. It's running on CDN via MaxCDN and S3 storage will be added soon. It also runs on SSL and Cron to purge cache every 4 hours to ensure that the site will be updated often.

Here is the snapshot of our beta launch site:



I know it's new, I'm still uploading more pictures. Rest assured, it'll grow over time, eventually.

Lastly, great program and I will look forward to the growth with Chevereto!

I'll keep everyone updated. I've been heavy coding and customzation at the moment and I'll be glad to share mine.