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Does ads cover your bills?


Chevereto Member
Hello, just wondering if those of you who use dedicated servers mange to cover your bills with ad income? I'm currently running my site without ads as I don't have that much traffic and at the moment it's more on a hobby basis.


👽 Chevereto Freak
Ads and image hosts don't exactly get along well. I'd be surprised if anyone is producing enough profit to cover an employee of an image host. I run my host based on donations, which barely covers the hosting costs.

back when I ran ads, even with millions of views, the ads barely made a dent.


Chevereto Member
It ultimately depends on your traffic quality, amount of visitors, etc. I guess this applies to all sites regardless of the niche.

I've got some deals with ad networks because I run an adult-based image hosting, not the regular all-in-one image hosting, so they pay really well for CPA, not-too-annoying in-page push that covers all my hosting expenses and there's left over for me to enjoy a nice dinner.

Now, this wasn't always the case, for the 8-9 months everything came out of pocket, and now that a few (hand full) of forums use us as a primary option, as well as few private individuals that use us for their sites, we are serving around 30M requests/day, around 9 to 12 TB bandwidth/day. So things got nice really fast.