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Demo importing project and new testing standard


⭐ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
Dear all,

I've started a repository for showing how to use the Bulk Content Importer: https://github.com/Chevereto/v3-demo-importing - I got this request many different times so now you can get an example on how to use it to create categories, use metadata, etc. If you don't know, the importer allows you to programmatically import content to Chevereto from the command line.

The demo importing has samples on formats supported, albums and users. Is perfect to quickly get started fiddling with Chevereto and my intention is to use it as the base sample for a "try now with docker" call to action. I believe that the current "try now" experience is very boring.

It gets better as in conjunction with the demo Dockerfile, it will allow me to test Chevereto in all steps of the process:
  • Setting up PHP and the server
  • Installer download/extract/install
  • /install POST
  • Content Importer
  • Image upload (all formats)
  • Categories, NSFW flags
  • Albums public/private
All the demo importing content will be "the" test standard content, future server issues could be handled by running the demo importing and see how it goes, as this process uses all the core functionality it is likely that it will spot any conflict without having to ask for server access, to test this file and not this one, damage your production instance, etc.

You are welcome to collaborate with samples/metadata, the more details the better as it test more. I'm working towards make this my new test standard base, it should dramatically improve the reliability of the software.

Hope you like the heads up!


⭐ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
You can now test this on your own, you will require git, docker and bash.

1. Clone the repository in your machine.

git clone git@github.com:chevereto/v3-docker.git

2. Create the demo image from the v3-docker folder (you only need to do this once)

cd v3-docker

docker build -t chevereto:v3-demo demo

3. Run bin/demo.sh (needs chmod +x to execute)


That's all, at some point you will be asked for a license key, skip to install Chevereto-Free.

Once done, it will spawn a full working demo with imported data at http://localhost:8001