Covid related updates


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Hey there,

So my take on covid updates: all the region where I live is on total lock down. It was just announced on live TV.

How are you?


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We are seeing a huge increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases and it looks like they are just rolling with it. We had a lockdown pre-summer but everything runs as usual now, except we wash our hands everywhere anywhere. They say everyone is doing the Swedish model now but wont admit it. (just let it play out with minor restrictions)


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I m not worried about Covid, i mean, i was at beginning afraid about it, but after i was in quarantine after i was in the contact with an Covid infected person in my Work, and after i got tested negative, i have lost fear little bit, im more afraid about actualy situation betwen China, India (Himalaya Conflict), and betwen Greece and Turkye, the people are going crazy, the USA i wont even comment..