Must read Community support rules (Updated 2018-12-17)

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Problems caused by the software gets handled as bugs, which will get fixed as soon as possible since issues of this kind affect a large portion of Chevereto installations. Anything not caused directly by the software will be handled by our Community Support which relies on all members of this community to provide help to others when having trouble with the system. To achieve this, we request that all members comply with the following rules:
  • Be clear and informative. Others will be more likely to help if you make this process easier. Provide context, information and all the details you can garter about the problem you are experiencing. If you need help with this, check our documentation.
  • Do your part. If you don't recognize a term or concept, you should investigate it and try to learn the basics. Having to describe technical concepts delay the support response and will drive away those willing to help you
  • Stay on topic. When contributing to an existing thread, try to stay on-topic. If something new comes up within a topic that you would want to discuss, start a new thread.
  • Keep it updated. Remember to come back to share with us if the help worked or even if you found the solution elsewhere. It's possible someone will find it useful or interesting. Use "Best answer" and "Mark as solved" accordingly.
  • Keep it safe. This section is publicly visible, don't post any sensitive information. If you need to provide private information to others, do it in private using email, private message, etc.
  • Say thanks. You are getting help from others just like you. Be courteous and respectful. Appreciate that others are helping you out of goodwill. When you say "thanks" you are showing respect for those willing to help you.
  • Be comprehensive. The software runs on top of a large stack of technologies working together, any component of this stack could be failing. In some cases, we won't be able to help you, but we will always try our best.
Please note even staff members participate in this section as community members and that their opinions don't represent the views of the company.

Is understood that by participating in this section you agree to these rules and that any content not following these rules will be permanently removed.
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