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Clodflare R2 Object Storage, $0.015/gb (3 in one price - Bandwidth / Object size / Object Operation)


💖 Chevereto Fan
There are few negatives

1) 1TB - 15USD
2) Make infrequent access completely free for customers, which means they may charge you for frequent access which image hosts do
3) I believe it has to use along with workers to access data, again there will be charges for workers execution


Chevereto Member
How can I store images in R2? Any docs available?
S3 compatible. You must create access keys from the R2 area on CloudFlare. Then, you must use a worker to serve the images. Or, use a CDN as bunny.net that can sign S3 requests.


Chevereto Member
You can find your access keys in the R2 buckets section of CloudFlare. You can find your S3 URL via a bucket (it should be https://<your CloudFlare account id>.r2.cloudflarestorage.com)

Region should be "auto"
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