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Chevereto v4.2 "supremo" announcement


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Chevereto Staff
Dear all,

With release v4.2 (supremo) I'm bringing video support and folder synchronization.

Video support​

Since I started with Chevereto I've been asked to add video but such thing wasn't feasible as all V3 processing used to be all on-the-fly. The bulk content importer, then the cron, then the CLI API have been carrying the background processing upgrade and in this release I take it further in order to process video uploads. I believe that the hardware, libraries and everything are more than mature and cheap enough so video will be finally added to v4.2!

Release dates​

Chevereto V4.2 (supremo) dates will be announced after V4.1.X
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About video support is it more like you upload mp4 files only or will you be adding support for ffmpeg so it can do conversion? Which means users upload mkv, mpg/mpeg, avi formats that will then be under conversion process to mp4?
When video conversion is added in future, it will be great if gifs are converted to mp4 or webM to save space, and faster loading time for gif images.
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HLS/Mpeg Dash if available as well, would make load times better while offering different qualities as well.