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Dear all,

With release v4.0 (macanudo) I'm improving on coqueto with the addition of improved third-party login support (which was delayed since V3.17) and the addition of the user based API.

Macanudo is all about making Chevereto more open to its users, hence the added login providers and extended API options. With macanudo not only you, but your users will be all able to craft anything on top of the Chevereto API.

Improved third-party login system​

I'm implementing hybridauth allowing to support many login providers:

Apple Amazon AOLOpenID Authentiq AutoDesk BitBucket Blizzard Discord Disqus Dribbble Dropbox Facebook Foursquare GitHub GitLab Google Instagram LinkedIn Mailru Medium MicrosoftGraph Odnoklassniki OpenID ORCID Paypal PaypalOpenID Reddit Slack Spotify StackExchange StackExchangeOpenID Steam Strava SteemConnect Telegram Tumblr TwitchTV Twitter Vkontakte WeChat WindowsLive WordPress Yandex Yahoo QQ

This will be great to spread Chevereto usage as it extends from 4 providers to 45 (1025% increase). More login providers is a must have to reach all corners of the world as not everywhere people uses Twitter or Google. With these new providers we will open the service to many users worldwide.

User based API​

User based API means that each user has unique API key(s) that can be used to allow other devices to interact with the system in behalf of the user, namely user interfaces.

You will be able to command all actions present in Chevereto but from your own user interface instead of just the built-in HTTP web endpoints. It will dramatically increase the use case, imagine use it as an asset manager or to replace the WordPress backend upload API with it. The nature of the stuff that we will be able to build on top of this is limitless.

Improved testing standard​

Macanudo introduces an improved testing standard in which the API operations are executed as a demo website with user activity (giving likes, creating content, deleting albums, etc.), this makes Chevereto V4 way easier to maintain and more reliable than ever as it gets fully tested. Tested Chevereto implies a dramatic decrease of bugs and incidents. You will get more stable and reliable software, more quality, less support expenses.

With this new testing standard I will finally erase most of Chevereto's technical debt, making it a high-grade commercial product.

Release dates​

Chevereto V4.0 (macanudo) will be released in September 2021, betas in July 2021.


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I am really looking forward to User based API. It will help me create mobile app for my website.
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