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Chevereto v4.0.0 announcement


⭐ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
Hey there,

I'm opening this topic to post the updates for v4.0.0, the first production-grade release for Chevereto V4. The release will be available on 2022-09-30.

This release marks the end of the beta development cycle for v4.0.
💅 Improved style for "load more" button

The button style for "Load more" now matches all the other buttons in the system.

😜 Removed update restriction for large databases in CLI context

Before this update the system was checkig if the database were holding more than 1M rows as a safe timeout measure, requiring the user to update the database manually.

This limitation is now exclusive for HTTP context as when using CLI the query will be executed directly.

😘 This will provide big website owners a lot of piece of mind.
💅 Improved style for mobile listing action buttons

On mobile, the action icons are now invisible which improves viewing experience on small screens.


To access the action buttons, open the listing viewer:

🦆 Added /update route

Install (as initial software installation) for HTTP is still carried over /install, but the database update process will be at /update. This is to make the system more consistent.
💅 Contact form disappear after submit

The contact form won't be displayed after submitting the form. This will avoid dupes as guess what, some people don't read. Can you imagine? Anyway, this should help to avoid getting double emails in your inboxes.
🔐 Added password hashing for albums

Album passwords are now stored hashed in the database, this means that the passwords for albums are not longer stored as plain-text.
🐞 Added custom error log location

Ever had issues finding the error log? For some users this could be really annoying as between so many system layers the location of the error log could be challenging to detect, specially if you don't have a full grasp of the infrastructure you own.

This has been frustrating for so many users, but no more as error logging in Chevereto now supports the flag CHEVERETO_ERROR_LOG where you can customize the path for the log device (file, stream wrapper). With this change all these having issues to find the error log now can directly pass the file path where you want the error log to be written.

The default value for this environment variable is php://stderr and you can change it to /my/error.log, etc. 😘 Key point is that rather than finding the location you arbitrary name a file (just mind permissions).
💫 Added support for PsySH (REPL)

Previous beta added support for Tinkerwell, and now 4.0.0 adds support for PsySH which is an Open Source REPL for PHP that runs in the console.

Here, this is how it looks like:

Hello, I want to know, in the official version of the video feature will be available? I saw a reversion earlier