Chevereto v3.20.0.beta.1

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Chevereto v3.20.0.beta.1

Released on April 22nd 2021
  • Added "Powered by" in user settings
  • Added application level error handling
  • Added cover viewer for "animated"
  • Added environment variables for system settings
  • Added experimental support for PHP 8 (use 7.4 for production)
  • Added Font Awesome 5 icons
  • Added full-width listings
  • Added GIF automatic playback
  • Added header that disables Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC)
  • Added icons to dashboard settings
  • Added icons to explore
  • Added icons to listing tools
  • Added icons to tabs
  • Added icons to user menu
  • Added image icon (removes "images" text) from user and album listings
  • Added image preview(s) on modal message
  • Added long-press (context) action to select items in listings
  • Added mobile support for system template
  • Added more image expiration options (#13199)
  • Added preview for modal share
  • Added share button for listings
  • Added smart follow scroll
  • Added support for containers (Docker)
  • Added support for Exif date for Bulk content importer
  • Added verbose for CLI importing
  • Changes top bar notice to modal message
  • Deprecated HTTP Bulk importer API
  • Deprecated one-time Bulk importer jobs (named paths)
  • Fixes bug with custom theme colour ignored in login/signup [#13133]
  • Fixes XSS at /install [#13195]
  • Improved /settings save button
  • Improved background jobs feedback
  • Improved Bulk content importer handling for failed files to import
  • Improved dashboard homepage for mobile
  • Improved dashboard stats
  • Improved dropdown menus (mobile)
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved image viewer for images belonging to album
  • Improved install with added installer.lock
  • Improved like button (now with counter)
  • Improved list item gap
  • Improved listing tools display
  • Improved listing view performance (mobile)
  • Improved listing/viewer icons display
  • Improved login and sign-up screens
  • Improved modal boxes (centered)
  • Improved navigation when using route /upload and on-page upload container (#13198)
  • Improved notification alerts (growl)
  • Improved pop-boxes for desktop
  • Improved search display
  • Improved share experience
  • Improved tabs toggle (mobile)
  • Improved top-bar in cover mode (landing, split)
  • Improved user profile (mobile)
  • Improves Chevereto servicing links at dashboard
  • Removed "create account" button from top-bar
  • Removed "or" button
  • Removed email and website mode requirements for /install
  • Removed old icons (icomoon)
  • Removed search from 404 view
  • Updated all dependencies
Check README.txt file and for install or update instructions. If you edited some or part of the affected files merge your changes.


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V3 Beta tester
how to install version beta ? now i use Chevereto version:3.18.0
Like McAtze said to other, user. Beta is only for us with Beta Tester badge. You do not have that, so v3.18 is your latest version and you won't get Beta. You will have to wait for final V3.20 to be out.
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