Chevereto v3.13.4 announcement

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Don Chevere
Chevereto Staff
License owner
Hey there,

The upcoming release fixes several bugs and introduces Akismet support for spam prevention.

Chevereto v3.13.4 pre-release notes
  • Added support for Akismet spam protection (user generated content)
  • Added StopForumSpam spam protection (user signup)
  • Added language to document title for lang URLs
  • Added page number to listing document title
  • Added optional "Powered by Chevereto" link
  • Added ID encoded tag to embed codes [11361]
  • Added IP tools for user registration IP
  • Implemented changes from #39 [Chevereto-Free]
  • Improved Explore document titles
  • Removed G+ sharing button [11368]
  • Removed .htaccess +FollowSymLinks [11366]
  • Removed X-Mailer header
  • Removed unnecessary DB calls [11406]
  • Removed S3 compatible weird logs [11434]
  • Fixed bug login table charset [11404]
  • Fixed bug in wrong listing display for tablet [11334, 11425]
  • Fixed bug in PUP support for MyBB [11419]
The release should be available within this week. Don't hesitate to post your comments or question about the release notes

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