Chevereto v3.11.1

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Chevereto Developer
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Chevereto 3.11.1 (2018-08-24)
- Added option to toggle album / image SEO URL
- Added tool to migrate from one external storage to another (records)
- Added tool to regenerate external storage stats
- Added short URLs for content sharing
- Changed XHR from GET to POST
- Fixed bug in not working album page navigation
- Fixed bug with PHP < 7 compatibility
- Fixed bug with extra XHR redirect
- Fixed bug in album sharing links (empty album)
- Fixed bug in listing selection embed codes (when no image file)
- Fixed bug in local storage (not deleting test file)
- Fixed bug in 3.11.0 install query (dupes)

Affected files and folders (from 3.11.0)
- app/app.php
- app/install/
- app/lib/
- app/routes/
- app/themes/Peafowl/
- lib/

Check README.txt file and for install or update instructions. If you edited some or part of the affected files merge your changes.
Not open for further replies.