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Chevereto on Discord

Chevereto is now on discord! Here you can meet up and chat with the people involved in this amazing software. Rodolfo and I are active here, so if you want to talk to like-minded people this is the place to do so.

You will also be able to get answers on minor questions relatively quickly. So please, don't hesitate to join the server and participate in the conversation.

Hint: I've seen small bits of information pop up on discord on development in general - and tips & tricks on small but important stuff

How to join
To join the server you can use the web-GUI directly in your browser by clicking on this link:
Or you can download the discord client for any device here:



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the link goes to a blank page with no topics. It's not real clear what it's for.
The blank page that is seen is perfectly normal.

No contributions are shown there because only the person who created it (the creator) and the employee have access to it.

I think that's for data protection reasons and also because not everyone should necessarily see which website has which problem.


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That's sorta what I figured. As a new user that is not immediately clear and the "empty" page could use a paragraph explaining what it's about. At first look it just seems like an empty forum topic. This was just constructive feedback all around. Thank you!


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Oh, that message was outdated. Thanks for pointing it out, its been edited now so new users won't get confused. Cheers ;)