Work in progress Chevereto-Free v1.2.0 (Biggie Smalls)


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Forked from Chevereto v3.12.10
  • Added bulk content importer
  • Added guest albums
  • Added manager role
  • Added configurable upload mode (JS or single /upload page)
  • Added support for recaptcha V3
  • Added PUP support for WoltLab forums
  • Added WoltLab to Lab to PUP list of supported software
  • Added support for hreflang [9695]
  • Added short URLs for content sharing
  • Added SEO friendly album and image URLs
  • Added option to toggle album / image SEO URL
  • Added user name sort A-Z
  • Added album image sort A-Z [10452]
  • Added internal only redirects (no link juice)
  • Added password protected albums to listing (prompts password) [10790]
  • Added password strength color indicator level
  • Added setting to force reCAPTCHA on contact page
  • Added new login/sign-up page design
  • Added dashboard option to force HTTPS
  • Added binding for guest content when user logs in
  • Added fixed "Save changes" button on Dashboard > Settings
  • Added top shadow mask for cover backgrounds
  • Added support for subdomain wildcards for languages and user profiles [10441]
  • Added redirect to home on missing wildcard
  • Added Hebrew translation
  • Improved listing performance by using "seek" method [10220]
  • Improved upload temp file handle
  • Improved listing handle on deletion [10588]
  • Improved header centering (flexbox)
  • Improved homepage split landing (now list trending and support pagination)
  • Improved menu animation for mobile
  • Improved top bar display for mobile
  • Improved Dashboard navigation with better document titles
  • Improved Dashboard listings (universal sort options)
  • Fixed bug in content privacy mode [11022]
  • Fixed bug in page manager [11013]
  • Fixed bug in Exif parser [10997]
  • Fixed bug in homepage split listing [11036]
  • Fixed bug in album thumbnails when not using 1:1 aspect ratio [11002]
  • Fixed bug in CloudFlare IP handling [10860]
  • Fixed bug in subdomain wildcards (user/albums) [10870]
  • Fixed bug in Bulk content importer (usernames) [10889]
  • Fixed bug in subdomain wildcards (sub-subdomains) [10955]
  • Fixed bug in export user function [10900]
  • Fixed bug in Chinese language names [10917]
  • Fixed bug in missing Exif fields [10966]
  • Fixed bug in password protected albums (user/albums) [10842]
  • Fixed phrasing in dashboard/settings/homepage [10843]
  • Fixed bug in client IP handling when using CloudFlare + load balancer [10827]
  • Fixed bug in subdomain wildcards (upload from user wildcard)
  • Fixed bug in reCAPTCHA for social signup [10820]
  • Fixed bug in reCAPTCHA at contact page [10791]
  • Fixed bug in logout system (Cookie and Session handling)
  • Fixed bug in private images listing (guest albums) [10770]
  • Fixed bug in listing follow scroll header [10801]
  • Fixed bug in logout issues when using wildcards
  • Fixed bug in hreflang (wrong href)
  • Fixed bug in class.redirect.php [10600]
  • Fixed bug in not sub-domain wildcards (upload not working)
  • Fixed bug in contact page (recaptcha) [10767]
  • Fixed bug in page save button (add page)
  • Fixed bug in title edit modal [10756]
  • Fixed bug in listing delete handle (pagination)
  • Fixed bug in top bar when using landing page [10590]
  • Fixed bug in album management (post upload) [10588]
  • Fixed bug in missing actions after upload
  • Fixed bug in duplicated uploads affecting administrators
  • Fixed bug in not working IP ban management [10579]
  • Fixed bug in not working Categories management [10584]
  • Fixed bug in Chinese language handling [10279]
  • Fixed bug in dashboard view (website name error display)
  • Fixed bug in isSafeToExecute function
  • Fixed bug in listing viewer when using endless scrolling
  • Fixed bug in multiple login sessions (cookie conflicts)
  • Fixed bug in user editing [10291]
  • Fixed bug in user settings (change roles)
  • Fixed bug in Spanish translation
  • Fixed bug in not working album page navigation
  • Fixed bug in album sharing links (empty album)
  • Fixed bug in listing selection embed codes (when no image file)
  • Fixed bug in install query (dupes)
  • Fixed bug in album creation [10655]
  • Fixed bug in album editing [10716]
  • Fixed bug in form-album (duplicated IDs)
  • Fixed bug in internal pages [10630]
  • Fixed bug in password gate (error message)
  • Fixed bug in subdomain wildcards [10639]
  • Fixed bug with cover flickering (scrollbars)
  • Fixed bug with PHP < 7 compatibility
  • Fixed bug with extra XHR redirect
  • Fixed memory issues with imagecreatefrombmp [10349]
  • Fixed minor PHP 7 compatibility issues
  • Changed XHR from GET to POST
  • Changed image display URL thumbnail threshold to 200 KB
  • Deprecated "Keep me login" option (always keep login now)
  • Deprecated modal login (everything now triggers /login)
  • PHP minimum version supported 5.6
  • Updated Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese translations.
  • Updated G\ and all vendor dependencies
I named this one Biggie Smalls is because the release notes are notorious big. Chevereto-Free v1.2.0 should be released within the next month, right after Chevereto v3.13.0 release.
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This was posted more than one week ago and I don't see any kind of feedback. Based on that, I'm assuming that dedicate time and resources to this fork (Chevereto-Free) is not needed, at least not at this time.

Chevereto-Free v1.2.0 is still on the roadmap but there's no release date. In the meanwhile I will keep releasing Chevereto V3 updates while I keep working on V4.



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This version is exactly what I need (bulk importer). If it's not scheduled for a timely release I guess I have to go for the paid version. 🤷‍♂️
But since it's for my personal use I could wait if a release date is set.


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Really I am looking forward to this release. Please do not close Chevereto-Free development.
I use it on my Word-Press website like images hostsing


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Deutsche Version:
Da der erste Post von April 2019 ist gehe ich nun davon aus das die Entwicklung von Version 1.2 komplett eingestellt ist und es keinerlei Updates mehr geben wird.
Schade eigentlich, da ich mich (trotz das ich nichts weiter dazu geschrieben habe) doch schon sehr darauf gefreut habe.
Ich liebe es wenn die Scripte Aktuell gehalten werden und mit immer neuen bzw. verbesserten features ausgestattet werden.

Vielleicht komme ich irgendwann darauf zurĂĽck eine Kostenpflichtige Version zu bestellen.
Mal schauen. Genutzt wird es ausschlieĂźlich Privat ohne einnahmen.

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Since the first post is from April 2019, I now assume that the development of version 1.2 is completely set and there will be no more updates.
It's a pity, because I (despite the fact that I did not write anything about it) were really looking forward to it.
I love it when the scripts are kept current and are always equipped with new or improved features.

Maybe someday I will come back to order a paid version.
Just take a look. It is used exclusively private without income.

Vielen Dank
Very Thanks


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I have decided to put all my development efforts into V4 and as it is a completely different code, add updates to Chevereto Free is the same as work twice. This also applies to the paid edition, but there people pay to push this updates.

The problem here is that the Open Source in Chevereto Free just works for distribution rather than collaboration (which is very low) because the code is complicated.

This changes with V4 which will also unify both editions into just one software.


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Not all people look into a forum.
It would be nice if it would be in the pay or happy variant the opportunity to send directly from the am over-rich its feedback to the developers.

This would give you more desire and criticism.
I myself am not really good in English, so I have always avoided the forum


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In Deutsch:
So, ich habe mir eine Lizenz gekauft. đź‘Ť
Somit sollte das von meiner Seite her Feedback genug sein :)
Ich finde das Script klasse und bezahle hiermit auch gern :)

Translate to english:
So, I bought a license. đź‘Ť
So that should be enough feedback from my side :)
I think the script is great and pay with it :)


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Really kind of you to do this Rodolfo.

Just a thought, have you thought about putting a "news" section in the free admin panel so you can push announcements/updates to free users?