Chevereto Album Downloader


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Hi all,

I have been working on a download script to download albums from Chevereto sites and feel confident enough to share my current script for you all to try and give feedback on.

The script can be found here:

The script has been tested on both and (yes they are adult sites so keep that in mind if you choose to visit them) and uses elements from another script called the cyberdropdownloader by Jules Winnfield

The script solves the issue the existing chrome extension has of only downloading one page at a time by first identifying every page URL in an album and then searching within those page URLs for image URLs

I already know of a few issues and things I would like to improve which are listed in the issues page on github, please let me know of any more you come across :)


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I like this. Allowing users to easily take their data and be portable is a big part of the future of data that I feel we should all support.