Chevereto 2.0.2


The Chevere Guru
Chevereto Staff
Chevereto 2.0.2 (2011-06-20) release notes
- Fixed bug with black background in transparent thumbs
- Fixed server path detection that affects some environments (original post)
- Fixed bug regarding setting root as path on images and thumbs (original post)
- Fixed bug in German language (original post)
- Added new template function to display as BB-Code the <img> (original post)
- Improvements on the default theme CSS file

Upgrade from 2.0.1 | Affected files & folders
- includes/config.php
- includes/classes/class.handler.php
- includes/template.functions.php
- content/languages/de/chevereto_lang.php
- content/themes/Peafowl/style.css
- content/themes/Peafowl/view.php