Changes in License terms (paid edition)


Don Chevere
Chevereto Staff
License owner
Dear all,

I've revisited the license terms and I've made a few changes to it in favor of more freedom to run the software for profiting from it. My intention with these changes is to explicitly differentiate the concepts of "End-User" and "Third-Party", that way a new user layer is introduced and new grants are now allowed by differentiating when someone is a end-user or a third-party.

You can review the license terms here:

End-User vs Third-Party

The term “End-User” is used to refer to the end-user of the Software in the instance(s) provisioned by the Customer. An End-User is any person who can only access to the Software non-administrative/management features.

The term “Third-Party” is used to refer to anyone except the Customer and the Author with access to the Software administrative/manager features, and/or with access to the Software source code.

This definition makes a huge difference as it enables that from now, to provide managed Chevereto V3 to end-users.

For example, you can now run instances at being 100% managed/administer by you, used by an end-user. As the end-user won't have access to the administration, management or source code, it doesn't represent a third-party under the new agreement so no extra licensing required.

Hosted Chevereto V3 for third-parties is also now possible, but I reserve the right to allow/deny who can offer it (at least for now). For those wanting to explore in that possibility feel free to contact me, bulk-licensing available.

Branding removal

This refers to restrict the ability to remove the branding including the name of the Software or my own name. With the years I've learned that the only value of my Software is the user base, and that while it has users my Software will last. To preserve the integrity of the Software, I've decided to forbid any branding removal from the system files and/or its source code.

The Customer may not: Renaming, modifying or altering any filename, commentary, copyright notice or any other reference including the name of the Software or its Author

Please note that you can still use your own logo, remove the "Powered by Chevereto" link, etc. But you can't rename any "chevereto.ext" files, neither erase any reference of the name of the Software being used. Branding removal won't be an option anymore, at least not included in the base licensing price.

If you or your organization requires branding removal please contact me to discuss alternatives.


Please note that the new terms may lead to confusion due to translation issues or lack of usage of proper terms. If you don't understand something please let me know, if you don't agree with something also let me know why so I can analyze the situation.

Hope you like the update,