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Change Email for Account Confirmation


đź’– Chevereto Fan
Hi There,

I do see that sometimes people tend to make mistakes while entering the email address for account confirmation. In such a situation, there is no option for them to change their email address after they entered the email address. Also, there are possibilities the email is not getting delivered to some email, whereas we can allow them to enter a different email and then allow them to request for a new email confirmation.

This should be possible for both

1) Social login users - As soon they log in with their account we are asking for an email and if some mistake happened, they cannot change the email address unless they verified it. So if mistakes happen they cannot do anything and are stuck over there.
2) Normal Signup users - They have to create a new account if they make mistake with the email ID, instead we can allow them to change their email address and send an email confirmation.