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Buying Chevereto 3?


Chevereto Noob
So I was thinking to buy Chevereto3 and if I read correctly Chevereto4 is coming this year so my Question is when I buy Chevereto3 will I be upgraded free to Chevereto4 or not?


⭐ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
when I buy Chevereto3 will I be upgraded free to Chevereto4 or not?
Sort of, depends on the features you want to carry from V3 to V4 and how hard will be for you to carry the migration.

V4 is Open Source, you will add features with add-ons (any license). The migration cost will depend on the paid features you want to keep using and avaibility, as I don't know if there will be third-party plugins replacing my paid features? Will see, hope to see it happening so you can get more alternatives.

Note that V4 will be completely raw, truly "as-is" without any tech support built in.

Support for upgrading will be available to purchase from and existing license owners will get a nice discount on that pricing, same for add-ons.


Chevereto Member
I also don't know if I should open my site with V3 or just wait for V4. I hope upgrading to V4 will be easy and that I don't lose data such as liked images, followers, views etc.


⭐ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
If you you need image hosting NOW then use the software available now.

Why you think that V3 has LTS until Nov 2022?