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Bulk Content Importer -> Private Share Links


Chevereto Member
Looking at Chereveto to host a lot of albums. Looks very good.

I'm looking to have the albums be browseable from logged-in users only, but also able to share specific albums with non-logged in users.

From the docs for the bulk importer, I'm understanding we should have the albums json file on import have Privacy = private_but_link

My question is how do I get/export the private share links?

So I'd have the bulk importer create 1k albums and import the pictures, then I need to make a CSV or such of the album name and the share link url.

Is this possible?

Thank you
(Buying today with the sale anyway)


Chevereto Member
After a long delay, I'm finally implementing Chevereto for our donors.

This link is now dead.

How can I export all album URL's? We're using private_but_link, and I'm going to email them their own personal link to their sponsored student's album.