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Update 2019-11-06

Honestly I don't know if there's any crowd for getting the API first so please let me know if you care about that.

Hope to post more updates soon.
API in terms of being able to publish to chevereto (with the usual options of uploads) and pull some sort of list or gallery from chevereto would be useful for me. I wouldn't be desperate for it as soon as v4 is released but by the sounds of the way v4 will become, I think API should be available within the first six months of the v4. Having said that, earlier reading about a possible desktop client (to be able to publish direct to chevereto), would be an awesome useful productive solution if you were to develop it first. Just my thoughts :)


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Hey there,

Long time since last report, first things first:

Are you considering adding the ability to upload videos in addition to images?
Yes, I'm considering to add support for video formats. It is something that brings a lot of content and I will like to see how it goes with that.

I think API should be available within the first six months
Sure thing!


Development is ongoing, is just that it is a ton of work so I try to focus on that rather than show and tell. There will be time for that.

2019 was a very busy year:

From rodolfoberrios

Release 3.14 dragged me a little bit, but it was of the highest priority to patch the security vulnerabilities affecting 3.X. You can learn about it here.

The development is ongoing and I'm peeking at delivery options (refers to how the software gets provisioned). I like the idea of ship something to where you don't worry about the software infrastructure.

The code looks nice (totally impartial opinion, at least to my eyes) and I'm adding more tests to complete the code coverage. I've added support for php 7.4 and typed properties, which suit me very well as I'm doing it strong typed.

I also got the domain, it will be the home of the framework and it will be basically its documentation. That will include a function reference and instructions on the system components.

Hope to keep the same rate, wish to have it ready now.