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Did anyone use the pages for blogging ? Done a test last week to copy the content of a photography article over to a page on my CHV install it was loading a LOT faster than my WP optimised install.

I run an online photography education blog and publish a post every week (got 19 already and 5 in the oven getting finished. about 60 more prepared in titles to write for next year)

I am fully aware that WP is a good front for the posts but i am talking about speed here :D CHV loaded the test articles so much faster....

ANy examples , ideas etc is welcome to a solution :)


Don Chevere
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Chevereto pages are faster because the pages are stored as .php files and on top of that webservers have OPCache or any similar file based cache.

I don't think that it will work great for blogging and currently you have plenty blog systems that works in the same way (file based storage).