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allow albums/images for only followers and following


👽 Chevereto Freak
💡Describe your Feature request

I would like to see a feature on albums that let's the user make so album is only visible to followers, following or both. That way non-follower or not being followed by user then album is hidden not showing and linking image from album will give Access Denied to avoid direct linking to images from that album when you need to follow the user or be followed by the user. Do the same with direct linking of album.

This way guests, members cannot see it but members who follows or being followed by them depending on album privacy is set then it will show.

Also make so if you aren't being followed or following user then images will not be showing under explore and category areas until you follow them or being followed by them depending what they have album set to.

This will be like 3 options under the Album Privacy, there it should have

Private ( Just me )
Private ( Anyone with the link )
Private ( Only for followers )
Private ( Only for ones being followed by user )
Private ( Only for followers and ones being followed by user )
Private ( Password Protected )

👏Where did you saw this?

no where but came up on this idea in a way so site can be public still and users can put which albums shall show to who.

🔥Interest outside our community

Haven't seen this anywhere but I'm quite sure this will be liked a lot on here.