Album View, 1 level Sub Categories, adjust size of Thumbnails


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Hi, i run a site with alot of event pictures that is quite old using coppermine. I would love to switch to a new system and testet different
systems. Chevereto seems to be the best out of box for me needs. The only problems are, maybe i am to stupid or this things are
really not there (yet) or just not in the free version? Maybe now, that there will be a new law in europe for uploading, uploading filters maybe there are plans to add those tinhgs, so even
more people could use chevereto just for there "galleries"? And i gues i would no only speak for me, to pay even an anual payment or more then right now for such a great tool.

- Is there any way to switch the landing page from "view all fotos in onces" to some kind of album view? I could add albums but did maybe not
find anywhere to make the side just show all the albums of all the users instead of the pictures that where added last?
  • I can only add Categories, right? I just wanted to do like 2017, 2018, 2019 and in every year i have oike 100 albums oder 1-level Subcategories? Well i could live without it, if the homepage could just show all the albums from newest to latest
  • Is the 1:1 view of the Thumbnails the only view or are there more Options in paid version maybe? I love those so called "mosaic" views where the full pictures are shown and size automatically

Thank you alot in advance for a reply and sorry for the bad english, best reagrds from germany


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Sub-Categories and Sub-Albums are extremely popular and supported on nearly all photo platforms. However, Chevereto is not taking that direction. It is the second most requested feature from my 5k users. But, unfortunately, there are no plans to add it :/

The mosiac views are default, and can be changed by changing the theme coding. Thumbnails are automated during the upload process.