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Album Randomizer implementation issue

PHP version
Database driver
Database version
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Attention: No official support is provided at Community Help, this is for users helping each other. If you want official support go to chevereto.com/support

This is after having gone through the steps to implement the linked randomizer customization into v4.
  • Created /overrides/ folder and i.php file within that at: public_html > app/legacy/routes/overrides/i.php
  • Created /snippets/ folder and modal_random.php within that at: public_html > content/legacy/themes/Peafowl/overrides/snippets/modal_random.php
  • Updated existing album.php file along path: public_html > content/legacy/themes/Peafowl/overrides/views/album.php
  • Updated existing .htaccess file along path: public_html > .htaccess
Did I have to include this snip of rewrite code anywhere else that it wasn't already pre-coded in?
You will require to use RewriteRule randomizer/(.+)\.gif$ i/?album=$1 [R=301,L] at your server rewrite.

Right now, when I click the RANDOMIZER icon within an album, I get the below format which looks correct per the example in the initial Guide:
All images in this album will be in the randomizer. You can add or remove images from the album at any time to effect the randomizer.

However, when I go to the provided link, I get the following error:

That page doesn't exist​

The requested page was not found.

Can someone please help me learn what I've missed in this setup to get things working correctly per the initial Guide so I can get this working properly? I'd really appreciate the guidance! Thank you in advance.
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I think you should ignore the steps written by ashkir, that is a different implementation.

Rodolfo's version does not use sub-domain.
Thanks @armory . I thought I'd been doing that but let me backtrack the subdomain portion then :)

If 'RANDOMIZER' is not a subdomain, then is that a file created somewhere in the hierarchy? Or is there nothing I should have had to create new like that?
I would love to be able to find a fix for this - it looks like it's not just me at least! :)

Has anyone implemented this code and has it working correctly? I'd love to know where our steps deviated...
I had my randomizer working before I broke my site in a completely new and novel way. One thing I discovered for myself at least was that the site had to be set to public for it to work.