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AI image recognition classification function


Chevereto Member
In my mind chevereto should not just be a simple photo sharing program, but can also be a smart album.

When importing hundreds of thousands of photos into the library in bulk, it is impossible to manually select and sort every single image.

So would like to have an AI image recognition classification function.

Refer to "PhotoPrism (https://photoprism.app/)", which uses "TensorFlow (https://www.tensorflow.org/)".

I think chevereto can also be introduced into TensorFlow.

Facial recognition is also required.

What I would like most is to be able to customize the picture object recognition function.

Instead of simply determining whether a picture contains a person or an animal or a landscape or a fruit, we can classify it by "tagging" a specific object.


If such a feature can be implemented, I believe chevereto will become the strongest king, no one.