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Add URL upload functionality


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I noticed chevereto v3.20.12 Removed URL upload functionality
I know this feature may have security risks, but I really need this feature.

Could you add URL upload functionality?
Allow site administrators to enable or disable URL uploads.

Thank you.


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It is already requested earlier

It will be added again as soon there is a secure solution developed for it



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Chevereto Staff
I noticed chevereto v3.20.12 Removed URL upload functionality
👉 https://chevereto.com/community/threads/chevereto-v3-20-12.13789/#post-69265

At this time I'm driving a workaround in Chevereto-Free 9e22623. If that workaround success this could be re-implemented later next year. Note that this will take months to yield the safe label, don't expect this anytime soon.

I'm confident in that the patch is safe enough, but Chevereto-Free will take that risk. Not the paid edition. Feel free to implement the patch at your own risk.