Ability to Update .htaccess and nginx.conf


šŸ’– Chevereto Fan
Hi All,

I do see that WordPress have an option to update the .htaccess file and nginx.conf file via the admin panel. It comes helpful when someone messed up with their .htaccess or nginx.conf file.

I believe, having such an option in Chevereto will help lots of users who are not much aware of rewrite rules.


ā­ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
I don't like this RFC.

Editing the .htaccess file should be discouraged as it is a basic element for the Apache HTTP web server configuration. In the case of nginx this is even worse, as nginx.conf is not even in the application filesystem.

It is considered an anti-pattern to provide editing for these elements within the very same application. I don't believe that WordPress practices are stuff that should be followed by any serious developer, I won't follow their mistakes.