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A clone of unsplash using Chevereto


Chevereto Noob
I want to set up a New Zealand focused free photo image sharing website. As unsplash has sort of "invented the wheel" Me not being an expert, also a community project might as well follow what they have done. Importantly I see the iconic unsplash search on the front page as important. So Is there a opensource version that I can use? or is there a one time payment pro version that is so much better? Your guidance would be appreciated


⭐ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
Is there a opensource version that I can use?
There's an Open Source fork but is shutting down on November 1st. Here, rodber/chevereto-free. Note that the code there is completely different from the current state of the software (4.0) and while the project is also made by me, it is on personal terms. I don't provide any kind of support for that fork.

one time payment pro version that is so much better?
The paid version (specially V4) is several times better than the Open Source fork. While the free fork does the job quite well, the code is old and lack of features like two-factor auth, encryption, support for third-party login providers, faster listings, etc.

The paid product is more feature packed and under active support. It means that it delivers for lots of years. Take in consideration that V3 lifespan was 8 years, that's a lot of support!