[4.0] Enable Upload button(On-page container) when homepage style is set to /upload route


šŸ‘½ Chevereto Freak
Beta tester
šŸ’”Describe your Feature request

Currently, the upload button disappear when homepage is set to /upload route. This means, users can only upload image via homepage when homepage style is set to /upload route.

Reason: The homepage style /upload route provides a clean simplistic homepage. But we would still need the On-page container JS upload button to easily upload from any page without going back to homepage for each upload.

šŸ‘Where did you saw this?

This feature was available earlier, but the upload button was removed when when homepage style is set to /upload route in a recent Chevereto update.

šŸ”„Interest outside our community

Many users have enquired about missing upload button after the update.