[3.20] On-page container function on homepage when using Route Upload


šŸ‘½ Chevereto Freak
Beta tester
The upload button does not have any function in the following scenario. That is clicking the upload button, nothing happens. This sometimes confuse the user as they think the site is not working.


1. Using Route Upload as homepage.
2. Upload user interface is set to On-page container.
3. User is on the homepage

Example: https://gifyu.com

šŸ’”Describe your Feature request

Above issue can be solved by enabling On-page container upload on homepage when using Route Upload.

šŸ‘Where did you saw this?

This is already available when using other homepage styles.

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ā­ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
If the homepage is set to uploader it should remove the button "Upload" from the navbar, this is because the logo link is your uploader access. The confusion of having that button and the logo doing the same needs to be addressed so I will remove the dropdown uploader for these cases.