[$250] Feature Integration into Albums


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Feb 14, 2016
Hello. I have a feature I would like to get developed. I tried myself and kept running into walls.

What I desire:
  • An Image Randomizer
How it should function:
  • Integrate into Albums and be enabled via the album as an option album feature
  • Any image inside the album can be randomly output by a given URL.
  • The given randomizer URL will display a random photo
  • The randomizer URL should preferably end with .jpg .png or .gif depending on the type of images.
Chevereto Functions
It should integrate into get-album-contents and the listing. Whomever figures out how to pull the album id listing, can easily connect this over to the other code I have. Which I will share upon a proof of concept to generating a list of album URLs, or by having a strong reputation at Chevereto.

Would be awesome:
  • A standalone feature (If it'd be easier to make)
  • Easy to integrate into your profile
  • Easy to manage
Concept art:

If you're interested in building this out please contact me. I'm extremely interested in this. This feature I feel would be the best thing that could possibly be added to Chevereto. I will pay you $250 for this feature for it working with a url like nickpic.host/randomizer/albumid.php etc. I think it would work best if it pulled the album ID from the URL strings.
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