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▶🚶‍Reproduction steps
  1. View any album's image page and view the enabled social share icons.
😢Unexpected result

The icons are missing for Reddit and Stumbleupon when the AdGuard Adblocker browser extension is enabled on FireFox - but - the underlying links still work, and the tooltip labels show. All other icons show correctly. I don't have AdGuard's social blocking function enabled, so these should be showing.

📃Error log message


Note: The button's <span> gets disabled by AdGuard so the ::before psuedo-class doesn't get applied and looses any content values for either button. Google Chrome - with or without AdGuard enabled - shows all the icons as expected. The same behavior occurs on the demo site with both browsers.


Chevereto creator
Chevereto Staff
I understand that for you this may look as a Chevereto bug, but it isn't. This is because you are describing a wrong behavior of a extension in your web browser.

The ad blocking extensions works by detecting and replacing markup in the HTML of the alleged page, in this case, the extension is modifying stuff that it shouldn't be altering.

I suggest you to report this false positive to the extension vendor.