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  1. Rodolfo

    Home page modification

    Chevereto-Free is still using the old homepage design. Unless you hack the source you won't get that homepage until February 2019 when I will release a major update for Chevereto-Free. You can add them in the "about" menu by simply going to Dashboard > Settings > Pages and rather than add a...
  2. Rodolfo

    Hi, new Chevereto user

    This has been escalated here: As an immediate action, I've added the following remark to the community Terms and rules. I assume all the responsibility of the problem between the two users as it wasn't...
  3. Rodolfo

    Must read On moral/ethics concerning Community members

    On Nov. 29, @davidlevy introduced himself to the community with the following message: In that same topic you can find a discussion where @davidlevy accused @tomsit of stealing his idea. By that time, @tomsit was listed as "Staff member" which at this time now reads "Community Staff". For the...
  4. Rodolfo

    Hi, new Chevereto user

    Sure thing that looks bad when someone you trust do something like this and regardless if there's a case or not, the society has ways to deal with this kind of incidents. You just told others your point of view and many sustained your case. How it could be the opposite if you tell others...
  5. Rodolfo

    Hi, new Chevereto user

    Hi @davidlevy, sorry to hear that you are having this situation. First of all let me address that @tomsit is part of the Community Staff, not the "company" staff. These are different concepts and he as any other "staff member" helps on good will. There's no boss-employe relationship here and he...
  6. Rodolfo

    Licence Activation Key

    Hi Ian, Sorry to hear that you had a server crash. I've been there 😞. To access to your license simply enter here: Let me know if you need further assistance. Cheers, Rodolfo.
  7. Rodolfo

    Upload image via user subdomain routing

    OK, I will take a look.
  8. Rodolfo

    Upload image via user subdomain routing

    Flush your caches and try again.
  9. Rodolfo

    Can not create a new php page

    Fixed in v3.12.6
  10. Rodolfo

    Implemented 3.12.4 broke your tos and privacy pages? Read this.

    Fixed in v3.12.6
  11. Rodolfo

    Fixed Subdomain wildcard - Upload won't start - CORS Policy

    Fixed in v3.12.6
  12. Rodolfo

    Fixed recaptcha says you are a bot

    Fixed in v3.12.6
  13. Rodolfo

    Fixed Bug for updating the image title

    Fixed in v3.12.6
  14. Rodolfo

    Current release Chevereto v3.12.6

    Chevereto 3.12.6 (2018-12-10) - Added Hebrew translation - Fixed bug in not sub-domain wildcards (upload not working) - Fixed bug in contact page (recaptcha) [10767] - Fixed bug in Page save button (add page) - Fixed bug in title edit modal [10756] - Updated French, German, Hebrew, Japanese...
  15. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.12.5

    Chevereto 3.12.5 (2018-12-04) - Updated French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese (Brazil) translations Affected files and folders (from 3.12.4) - app/app.php - app/install/sql/pages.php Check README.txt file and for install or update instructions. If...
  16. Rodolfo

    Can not create a new php page

    Hi, This issue has been already reported and I'm working on it. A revision should be released very shortly. This revision will include several bug fixes for this and other known issues. Cheers, Rodolfo.
  17. Rodolfo

    Hidden album contents visible in explore

    Hi there, Make sure that you aren't login as admin or as the owner of the content because listings are sensitive to that. Check with another browser and if the problem persists then please let me know. Cheers, Rodolfo.
  18. Rodolfo

    Site loads clean after the update!

    You can't, mysql tables crashes and that's why they include a repair command.
  19. Rodolfo

    Site loads clean after the update!

    That's not a direct error of the script but your Mysql server. You will have to run a repair command in your mysql console.
  20. Rodolfo

    Implemented 3.12.4 broke your tos and privacy pages? Read this.

    I've already find the issue, don't mind about it.