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    Landing page with website in personal mode?

    Does turning personal mode on turn off the landing page? Is there a way to set personal mode routing to go to the landing page? Or is the landing page simply unavailable in personal mode?
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    pre sales questions

    I have a few additional questions: I've read in a few places on the forums that "group albums" has been accepted. Does that mean this feature exists? Is it that it's not in the free version, and only in the paid version? Is there an internal commenting system? One that doesn't use disqus...
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    pre sales questions

    To clarify: I wasn't asking for anything new to be added, merely if things were already there or not. If they're not, that's fine. If they are planned (whether in this version or the next major version) then it is good to know. So does that mean that the date the photo was taken is not important?
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    pre sales questions

    Hi, I am currently have the free version of Chevereto up and running to evaluate before purchase and I have a few questions. We'd like to use chevereto as a self-hosted solution for family photos and sharing with extended family etc. In no particular order, they are: Is it possible to have...