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  1. Rodolfo

    Phrases missing for duplicated upload

    Please describe the steps needed to trigger the issue.
  2. Rodolfo

    Images not deleted from SFTP external storage

    Show me the rows, please. I don't have access to your server, I can't guess the bugs. I need input.
  3. Rodolfo

    If the user adds an image multiple times, some images will not be uploaded.

    I have this issue if the filenames are the same, this is a known limitation of the html 5 file picker (you don't have access to the real image path, just the base name). What I'm trying to say is that the current uploader checks dupes based on filename, not its contents.
  4. Rodolfo

    update gives error

    If you don't know how to clear the cache then proceed with the manual update procedure described in my previous post.
  5. Rodolfo

    S3 External Storage

    I have just added an Amazon S3 storage to the demo without any issue. Since you haven't provided more details, I can't give you a clear response as this time. Are you adding a S3 compatible? Which? You have provided a JS console output, which unfortunately doesn't indicate the actual response...
  6. Rodolfo

    update gives error

    Some web servers have very aggressive cache settings, which could be causing the system (Chevereto) to don't read the actual updated file on your disk. Make sure to clear any server cache. If that doesn't help, try manually uploading the system files. Download the latest release Backup all...
  7. Rodolfo

    If the user adds an image multiple times, some images will not be uploaded.

    I meant someone else. Need to know if this is your browser or not.
  8. Rodolfo

    Have image appear in more than one album?

    There's no such functionality. FYI this has been already suggested as "collaborative albums" and most likely it will get added in the next major version cicle as it has very good traction.
  9. Rodolfo

    1-Step Upload?

    Please note that I won't talk about the concrete implementation, neither I will explain further how the process work. The only thing that matters is the general interest on this feature and for now, it seems that this doesn't get much traction so I won't trouble myself with this for now.
  10. Rodolfo

    `How to add watermark after uploading images

    There's no such functionality at this time.
  11. Rodolfo

    Powerful Sitemaps Module Index 1000's Images Fast

    Will be nice to see it in action.
  12. Rodolfo

    Paypal option

    No, it doesn't.
  13. Rodolfo

    Share your tattoo pictures

    Great looking art, keep it up.
  14. Rodolfo

    Can't change Image or Album routing values

    I'm able to change these without issues. Which value are you actually using?
  15. Rodolfo

    1-Step Upload?

    The uploader was built to work with a pre-editing step because we don't have a post uploading editing feature (for the actual image). The "buffer" is the queue which loads each image into the browser memory. The system needs to load these to show the thumbnail and the actual (big) image when you...
  16. Rodolfo

    no update possible: /app/install/update/temp/ path

    In doubt, always replace all files.
  17. Rodolfo

    MySQL high cpu usage (200%)

    It seems to be that the problem is on the DB indexes. Test query: SELECT SQL_NO_CACHE * FROM chv_images WHERE chv_images.image_album_id=17028 ORDER BY chv_images.image_id ASC LIMIT 0,5 ^ Takes 2.3181s (Album 17028 has 18587 images) The problem is that the system needs a composite index for ASC...
  18. Rodolfo

    MySQL high cpu usage (200%)

    Please, the EXPLAIN command result.