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  1. Barry

    How are uploads with s3 compatible services handled?

    Hi gang. I recently just added an s3 compatible service to my site (, however I am curious how uploads are handled. When a user uploads an image, is it uploaded to the webserver first, and then transferred to the s3 compatible service, or are we uploading directly to the...
  2. Barry

    Update Externa Storage Setti

    Using SFTP. I was able to make the needed change right from the DB
  3. Barry

    Remove unused external Storage

    From what I can tell, there is no way to remove external storage once it has been setup. Or perhaps, I am missing something. I do not see a "delete" button anywhere.
  4. Barry

    Update Externa Storage Setti

    🎯Description of the issue Recently upgraded my external storage server to add more space. From the Chevereto dash board, I tried to edit the storage capacity for the already configured external service, however when I click save, nothing is actually saved. When I hit the X, it asks me if I...
  5. Barry

    backblaze B2

    Hey gang. Has anyone running v3.12 managed to get backblaze b2 working as external storage? The documentation has nothing on how to configure it, but it SEEMS to be pretty straight forward, but I constantly get the following error. Can't insert storage. Error: Backblaze B2 storage client...
  6. Barry

    Selling Site

    Site is still for sale. Now hosting over 100k images.
  7. Barry

    Selling Site

    PM has been sent.
  8. Barry

    Sure - that would be appreciated
  9. Barry

    I love the clean homepage. Would you mind sharing the code on how you did that? Also, love the image counter in the footer.
  10. Barry

    Big Chevereto Hosts

    Thank you!
  11. Barry

    Selling Site

    Just sent you a PM with stats.
  12. Barry

    Download Button on Hover

    Can you share how you accomplished this?
  13. Barry

    Big Chevereto Hosts

    We are now in the 100K club Can we get added to the list?
  14. Barry

    Chevereto v3.11.0 announcement

    For this item Added SEO friendly album and image URLs Will it go back and rename the current paths? Instead of I will get or will it only be for new uploads?
  15. Barry

    Selling Site

    And coming up on 100,000 images hosted
  16. Barry

    Selling Site

    I no longer have the time to put into my project. To be honest, I havent really looked at it in six months, yet it continues to grow. I am not interested in a long drawn out sale, so I am pricing the site to sell. FAST. url: stats:
  17. Barry

    Site For Sale

    Thanks - I will let you know. I have it posted on multiple sites, and have several interested parties.
  18. Barry

    Site For Sale

    Hey guys, I no longer have time to run/support y Chevereto based site (same site as the signature), and I am looking to sell it. If you are interested, please shoot me a PM, where we can talk specifics. Just broke 90k hosted images.
  19. Barry

    Photoloader - Album Download Function

    The album download is awesome, and something that is missing from chevereto. Any chance you are willing to share the code?
  20. Barry

    cloudflare and tmdhosting https problem

    Interesting - on my browser the Cloudflare root cert is not trusted... However, I also use cloudflare SSL and it works without issue (different cert)