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  1. JoelR

    Congrats on Black Friday Sale!

    I've been watching Chevereto for a long time and haven't purchased (yet), but just wanted to say good luck with the sale :)
  2. JoelR

    User Xenforo -> Chevereto

    I would also be interested to hear if anyone has a working bridge between Chevereto and XF.
  3. JoelR

    What happened?

    The forums look quite nice with grid view.
  4. JoelR

    PreSales for JoelR

    Thank you for the response. Yes, I did see your announcement about v4 -- good luck with the development, sounds exciting! I need a download manager, and you dropped Quickty, so not sure how I'm going to proceed if I can't bridge to a CMS.
  5. JoelR

    PreSales for JoelR

    Hi Rodolfo, Thank you for taking the time to answer my pre-sales questions. Please assume that I will be using the Core License on one domain. Also, I haven't tested the demo in many years, but I will this weekend, so if a feature is available, you can simply tell me "Yes" to save yourself...
  6. JoelR

    Community improvements

    i'm a new visitor to Chevereto (even though I've been watching the software for many years now). As a suggestion to @Rodolfo, here are some suggestions to relieve yourself of support burden: 1. PreSales forum - should be entirely run by 'product champions' with in-depth experience of the...