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    ModerateContent Chevereto Plugin

    Works perfectly. I ordered the enterprise plan for the minimum of $100 /month you get 1 million images per month and a much faster API.
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    Bought back my baby. It's game time!

    Bought back my baby. It's game time!
  3. tomsit is the latest addition to the chevreto family, thanks for the opportunity

    My first advice: Don't spend any money to promote your site just yet. You must first lay a good foundation, do the groundwork and build up some reputation around the webs. If you do it this way it will pay off later down the road. (just remember,- learn how google works and make your play) It's...
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    I'm BORED !!!

    Nice. We got an old but pristine marex 77 for a good price and we've already had so much fun. Just waiting for warmer weather so we can "hit the sea"
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    I'm BORED !!!

    Same here, gaming isn't the same anymore. Lost complete interest 2 years ago. Basically it's a lot of tv-shows. Been watching Westworld, TWD, Billions, Picard, The Blacklist, Homeland and other braindead tv shows that catch my interest. Got my self a boat this winter and are just starting using...
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    How to add some content in Homepage ?

    If you want to add content/edit the homepage you can find index.php in /app/themes/Peafowl/views/ To make your edits persistent (updates overwrite files in the core path) copy the index.php or whatever file you edit from views to /app/themes/Peafowl/overrides/views/
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    Moderate images using AI

    Dang. Found this issue, it's stupid. I didn't think of the table name. You probably dont use the default "chv_" once I changed images to chv_images it works :)
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    Moderate images using AI

    Tried implementing this, but it throws a warning: Warning: mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, bool given in /path/to/moderate.php on line 9 Line 9: if (mysqli_num_rows($result)>0){ What am I missing here, you got it working with the example above?
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    Moderate images using AI

    Yeah, best option would be to leave the adult content as is and just run a db command to mark everything as nfsw and "start fresh" Btw, I think it's below line 92 now, not 82? :)
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    Moderate images using AI

    Thanks for this. Do you know if this moderation api can scan the current library of uploaded images and mark/delete unwanted images? Would something like this do the trick? $result = mysqli_query($link,"SELECT * FROM images where image_views > 1 and image_date > '2018-01-01 12:00:00' ORDER BY...
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    Big Chevereto

    Still using hetzner, where I get the most bang for my bucks! If you take a look and compare what you get for the same price at Vultr..
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    Big Chevereto

    Ok guys, don't spend all your money on big servers.. I reconfigured's setup and it works great! Can't tell any difference from a few cloud servers vs. a huge bare metal.. Frontend-WEB (ubuntu+nginx) 2.49/mo 1vCPU 2 GB RAM 20 GB SSD 20 TB TRAFFIC Backend-IMAGE (ubuntu+nginx)...
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    How to add custom page

    I'm sorry, but this kind of integration is incredible advanced and hard to do. You probably need to hire an developer to get this done, if you want the pricing feature to actually work. And as we are seeing "end of life" for v3 I'd save my money for the next major release.
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    Chevereto is now on Discord

    Oh, that message was outdated. Thanks for pointing it out, its been edited now so new users won't get confused. Cheers ;)
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    Nope, haven't heard anything about this, sorry. Sad to see they shut down like this.