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    Search not working

    I dont know how! Can you make it for me please ? :)
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    Search not working

    Hello! I have uploaded some images with file name: Far Cry 1, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5! But when i try to search for this images i dont get any result! I use this search too: "Far Cry 5" but again nothing! Thank you :)
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    Chevereto 3.15.0 announcement

    When the update come out ?
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    Use same image if duplicated

    Can you add an option to can replace an image and dont need to delete and re-upload the new ? This option is also avaible to Flickr :)
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    Wontfix Request refused if I don't do anything on the site for too long

    @DeCysos I have the same issue like you! With your new tip working fine, but without this option enable i get the same error every time!
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    Question about broken images

    Hello and Happy New Year :) I have 24.000 images uploaded yo my website and shared this images to my Forums - Sites! Before this i stored my images to Flickr and they block my account and lost everything from my Forums - Sites and now replace every image 1 by 1 with new links from my Image...
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    I can't upload the picture, it says "request denied".

    I have the same issue!
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    Total Pages

    đź’ˇDescribe your idea Hello! I think its good if we can see how many pages we have with all our images! For exampe in FLICKR i have this option in the end of the page: đź‘ŹWhere did you saw this? Flickr and all other huge platforms!
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020

    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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    ERROR When Uploading

    Yes i upload this images as you say but now all this images uploaded very fast and stable without any problem! So i dont believe this is problem!
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    ERROR When Uploading

    Today its the second time i will get this error when i try to upload pictures: EROR NOTE: Request Denied
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    Delete Albums

    Hello! I have already 11 Albums, can i delete this albums but still can see - use my images ?
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    Big Help Before Buying

    Thank you so mutch!
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    Big Help Before Buying

    Where can i found the license key ?
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    Big Help Before Buying

    Hello and thank you so mutch for your replys! You help me a lot! But i cant install it by my selft! Maybe if i share my details with you can you make it for me ? (I have very bad site and build it an other person for me) I will bought the script right now! Thanks again!