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    Chevereto Mods

    Hi Did you use the NO THANKS link on the popup to close it This popup will keep on displaying to the user until he tells the popup to CLOSE.
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    Chevereto Mods

    Hi I am Jason, webmaster and developer of Chevereto Mods website I am giving away the following mods to a limited number of users as review copies If you want RSS Feed Module Sitemaps Module...
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    FREE Send Newsletters Mod From Chevereto Mods

    Hi Everyone Today i created a really simple newsletter mod for Chevereto. Newsletter signup POPUP will appear when user tried to leave site asking user to join newsletter Once the user has registered they will see another page telling then they have successfully signed up and can remove...
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    FREE Gift From Chevereto Mods - Super SEO Module

    Go here and use the contact us page
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    FREE Gift From Chevereto Mods - Super SEO Module

    Hi Everyone The SEO module works in the same way an article re writer software works, you simply enter the words you want to use inside {curly brackets} using a | to separate words inside the curly brackets, when the search engines visit your site they will see a new meta title and meta...
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    Yes we have an RSS feeds Module

    Yes we have an RSS feeds Module
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    RSS Feeds Module With Full Cache

    Hi Guys I have a new RSS feeds module which is great for image hosting websites where users can take your feed url's and add them to RSS aggregates. The feed module has 2 types of feed, the first is a feed that lists all posts, the second is all your feeds split into your categories so someone...