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    I think chevereto has a wrong language name

    I think Wikipedia uses 简体 - ZH-HANS 繁體 - ZH-HANT I think this was their politically neautral solution that was accepted for both.
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    Can I use API to upload to particular album(not user)?

    $galleryURL = ''; $imagesDir = '/home/site/autoupload/'; // Absolute path to image directory to be scanned. $apiKey = 'key'; // API key can be found in Dashboard / Settings / API Did you edit these lines?
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    Warning to Users

    Good suggestion. Disabled for public -> able to be accessed by admin or something. We do need to keep in mind however that if the images are illegal that deleting them outright can be even more of a problem. Depending on your country, make sure to contact the storage provider you're using and...
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    Image upload issue, possibly image size related..

    How much actual ram do you have?
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    Image upload issue, possibly image size related..

    Do you by chance have a different .htaccess memory limit set in the public_html folder? Do you directly have access to modify your php settings outside of .htaccess? 7.0 is also End of Life. It's no longer secure. You need to update to atleast 7.1 which security will expire in a year. You can...
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    Image upload issue, possibly image size related..

    Just as the error says. You'll need to increase your php memory. Change it to 128mb. In modern cPanel installs there can be multiple places you need to change this. I'd ask your host. Also, please update your PHP version to support a safer web. 5.6 expires in 12 days...
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    On moral/ethics concerning Community members

    This has been fun to watch. 1) Was it unethical. Sure. Maybe. A tad, more shady. But there is no loss to @davidlevy. He could have made his own and used his connections in the community to make @tomsit's less relevant. This is how business tends to work... 2) God no. We start enforcing what...
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    Error when updating

    While you're updating php... Update to PHP 7.2. 7.0 is EOL soon.
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    They actually sort of do. Even more so when it comes to legal requirements for them to do that. IE... "Don't buy this if you're in Syria" type TOS rules.
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    Need Good Server Hosting To start my site Please

    So you'll want to go for a two prong approach. If you have any linux experience than a VPS is great. Hiring someone to do this for you will be best if you don't know how to do basic service commands, but ultimately it will be the most scalable. For VPS, in terms of hosting, I highly recommend...
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    TMD Hosting & Large Site

    Isn't it shared hosting? So the same standards that most shared hosting providers would have, is my guess.
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    Any guide for vps?

    Distro makes little difference. Use which you know. I prefer Ubuntu. Figure out your distro then just google [Distro Name] LAMP guide It's all pretty easy once you get LAMP running.
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    Chevereto error: Internal Server Error /after update/

    When in doubt... check the php version. Always screws me after an update.
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    Mail fall back on smtp fail.