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    Word Press + Chevereto - Same login session?

    You don't have to import everyone at all; we have SSO setup with other systems and we only create an account for them on the other system when they first attempt to access the site - so you're then only creating accounts for people that actually need/want one; plus you also don't need to worry...
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    Multiple subdomain site & Single Sign-On

    I'm not quite sure what you mean, is it in reference to this: ? Cheers!
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    Multiple subdomain site & Single Sign-On

    Yep, still waiting for this :( Over 2 years ago it was stated it was accepted and yet it's still not available. *sigh*
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    Integration into existing site

    Awesome! I have been waiting for this for a long time!!
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    Using the API to log a user in - Will pay $$$

    Hey guys, On our site we use SSO (single sign-on) for all our external software and purchased Chevereto awhile back now and have been delaying introducing it into our site because it currently doesn't support SSO. Whilst I've through of extending the API to do it myself I would rather pay...
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    Getting blank page on install

    I have PM'ed it to you. :)
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    Getting blank page on install

    Hello, Recently installed and when I went to the install location I get a blank page. We had < PHP 5.4 at the time, so I got my host to upgrade to PHP 5.4 but still seeing a blank page. I have also re-uploaded all the files but no luck. :(
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    Looks meh...